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Do you need a webpage with a simple content management system? Every forth site in the world is based on Wordpress. The popularity of this solution does not come from nowhere - it is very flexible and easy to use.


If you are looking for more advanced content management system, Joomla can be a solution that will meet your expectations. This script has several thousands of free plugins, so it is easy to customize it to your needs.


If you want to run your own online store software PrestaShop is a good option for you. This solution is one of the most popular tools for online stores.


Do you want to create a more extensive website? Drupal gives you a very broad functionality without the need to install additional extensions. Create your hosting account on and install the script in a few seconds!


If you need a discussion forum, which is refined in terms of graphics and has an easy to manage administrative panel, the script phpBB3 may be what you are looking for.


Good solution for all users who want a lightweight and powerful script on which you can base an online store. OpenCart has a simple administration panel and architecture based on the MVC model.

Simple Machines Forum

SMF is a lightweight script for a discussion forum. Especially recommended for those who want their forum not to overload to the server and always work in an efficient manner.

In adminpanel you can find 31 solutions for creating and developing websites, e-shops, photo galleries or disscussion forums. You can install on your hosting within a short time.

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