Ensure your privacy on WHOIS!

The private data of the individuals who register .pl domains are being hidden automatically. But when someone registers a domain in global zones (e.g. .com, .net, .biz, .info), some personal information about the owner of the domain is published to the WHOIS database. This makes it possible for anyone to view the name, email address, phone number and street address of the owner of the domain. Sometimes also the owner's IP address is published. To protect your private data, you can use our WHOIS Private Data Protection offer. This offer is not available for entities who have registered the .pl domain - in this case their private data can not be hidden.

All users who enabled WHOIS Private Data Protection will be better protected from spam in their email inbox and from annoying calls by telemarketers. Their data in the WHOIS database will be substituted by general information about LEA.mx. They will nevertheless remain in full ownership of their domains and will be able to manage them without limitations. They can count on their data being protected from prying eyes.

To enable the WHOIS Private Data Protection, please contact LEA.mx support. The activation cost is 4.90 USD per year.

Protect your data!